Reading for Stadt Würzburg

Earlier this week I saw some public-art-in-process along the Main river and asked one of the artists about the project.  She was mixing her next shade while thoughtfully considering a concise explanation in English.

“There is a wonderful book that the whole city should read and because of this book we are 13 artists who are painting barrels in response to the reading ”

Which is all she would share. A few barrels away was a poster so I wondered if it could tell me a bit more about the project or the proposed reading for the city.  Or perhaps the Würzburg book club.

It turned out to be a concert poster.

They are really nice, whatever they are!  Enjoy your weekend!

4/13——->  Read a follow-up here .


(Click to enlarge)





One comment

  1. If interested the literal translation to the top half of the poster is:

    Dear soul
    Bass joy
    Riot dance

    ….. then not sure 🙂

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