1-Night in Heidelberg: Train and Accommodations

We took an early train from Würzburg to Heidelberg over the weekend! More about our time in Heidelberg here.


By Train
From Wurzburg you can purchase a two-person regional all-day ticket via the VRN for 20€. A good part of the rail follows the Neckar river, which really means: great views of the forested river valley!! — There is a distinct change in elevation as you leave central Bavaria and head toward the Black Forest.

Driving was also an option. Heidelberg is an easy, scenic 2-hr drive from Würzburg.  One could leave Bavaria and cross into the neighboring state of Baden-Württemberg, winding along the Neckar until you reach Heidelberg. A colleague recommended this route, it is beautiful in spring.


Where We Stayed
We took a page right out of the travel guide for this excursion.  Initially we thought the chances of finding a place to stay close to the train and in the Altstadt “Old City” were not likely, as Heidelberg is a popular international tourist destination.  We were visiting outside of the peak tourist season and found an opening at a unique place in the Marktplatz (market square).

The place we stayed is a 250-year-old Pension. Old hotels might deter some travelers, and in this case, we knew in advance what we were getting into– *a shared bathroom* (and shower). But it was hard to beat the location, or the price.  Upon arrival we paid the owner 55€ cash and dropped our bags.  The hotel was impeccably clean, and he upgraded our room.  So after walking through the rain we were happy travelers!

The room we were upgraded to was very comfortable.  I love updated old buildings.  And I am a sucker for furniture.  There was something in the room that was unlike the rest. The chair.

Me + chair = love.  I knew it had to be a designer chair, so I started looking for info. Structurally, it was perfect, and the mixed materials reminded me of the once-again chic mid-century modern furniture that is popping up everywhere. I won’t even get into ergonomics. I guessed maybe it cost $400. Nope. $2500.  Thought- better take a good look, because I won’t be seeing it again!! Of course, I pinned it to my Pinterest.  It has received industrial design awards and I think it might be at the MoMA.

ANDREA by Josep Lluscà (Spain 1986)





*Okay, shared bathroom.  Oddly, If traveling to Kentucky I would -not- consider this! But an overnight in Heidelberg.. no problem.  Bring shampoo, don’t forget like I did.



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