Halbmarathon Heidelberg


I am starting to think we only travel when it rains!  Our weekend began with a rainy walk to the banhof before we settled in for a 2-hr train to Heidelberg. More about our travel and accommodations here.

We arrived in Heidelberg around 11am (still raining!) The city features a 1-mile cobblestone pedestrian promenade with shopping, cafés and restaurants in a pristine maintained Altstadt “Old city”. Overhead, are the towering partial ruins of Schloss Heidelberg “castle”. Outside of the tourist area is a bustling modern city of 150,000.

Heidelberg is a tourist hot spot.  The rain may have slowed things down, but Heidelberg still had plenty of charm.   Getting around in the tourist areas of Heidelberg was no-problem. It was actually the first time in weeks that I have heard english (British and American) spoken in a crowd. There were a lot of Americans in Heidelberg last weekend!  Because it is a tourist city, we felt free to speak english at the hotel, and when ordering meals.


Here are the highlights:

Schloss Heidelberg
A break in the rain gave us the opportunity to walk the steep pathways to Schloss Heidelberg.  The renaissance castle ruins were intriguing, and the vista was amazing.   We spent a good portion of the afternoon walking around the castle and Schlossgarten that surrounds. video


Heidelberg University Library (1905)
Leaving the castle, we stepped into the university library.  Reprecht-Karls Universität is Germany’s oldest university (founded 1386) and the third university founded in the Holy Roman Empire.  Not much else to report here, just a cool old building and some trivia.


Halbmarathon Heidelberg
On Sunday morning we woke to a cloudless blue sky and to our surprise literally thousands of people outside of our hotel for the Halbmarathon Heidelberg, which was a super start to the day. We found a drumline (!) on the bridge and watched the group climb the steep Neckar river valley – hills!  When we left a few hours later we were even more glad we took the train! If you have ever tried to drive in/out of a marathon … best of luck! video



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