Residenzlauf 10K

Residenzlauf 10k on Sunday April 13 — 4x around the Würzburg Residenz!  

The Würzburg Residenz run coincided with the city spring festival.  It was a full day of events (including a highly intense rollerblade race!!) I think there were close to 1700 runners in the 10k, which was a big draw for spectators. Late in the day is the Lauf der Asse which roughly translates as ‘Running of Aces’ which is a professional race that attracts elite runners to Würzburg. 

… And you can pick up your non-alc. Distelhäuser Pils (or just plain water) at the finish!


L1 – Bambini Run

L2 – Student Run

L3 – Hobby Running

L4- Fit-and-Fun-Run (5k)

L5 – Main Run (10k)

L6 – Inline Skating

L7 – Running Aces