Würzburg sehr schön!

The most prominent geographical feature of the city of Würzburg is the Main River (pronounced ‘mine’), which stretches across Bavaria and meets the Rhine. It is situated in a river valley that produces Franconian wine.

Würzburg is so pretty.
I hesitate to say this at the risk of sounding like a travel guide, but it is a city brimming with life.  Local culture, history and geography are all present within a relatively small area.  It is a city for tourists, for pedestrians, for students, and for even those who like a bit of the good life. During the afternoon and evening, at least a hundred will convene to order a glass of wine and stand on the Alte Mainbrücke “Old Main Bridge” laughing and talking, gazing out over the river, enjoying the air and good company.

It will be easy to get used to this.

We received many recommendations to live in Würzburg.  Aside from the aforementioned benefits, there is plenty to stay busy.  Within the Altstadt “Old City” there are several historical sites, a couple of universities, shopping, nightlife, scenic walking/running areas and a giant medieval fortress which I think is super sweet. I was seriously hoping for Wü when I heard we were moving to DE. We considered a few scenarios: a) Schweinfurt, the city where Derek works b) a small german town c) Würzburg. For Derek, life in Würzburg will mean a 30-minute commute on the Autobahn each day to work (and then again home). So far it has been alright by him. It does mean a more exciting non-work life, and an amplified experience in general for both of us.

Just a short introduction to our new city; I will share more about the neighborhood and apartment soon.

+ Stadt Würzburg website
+ A City Tour YouTube video
+ Marienberg Fortress, conquered once, since 710 A.D.